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Alaskan Myths and Stories

Myths and stories are wonderful because you never truly know what to believe. Myths have stemmed from somewhere and it’s interesting to hear a story being told. However, Alaskan people truly have a unique and interesting way to tell a story. Have you ever heard a native Alaskan recount a story or myth? If not, you have been missing out and it’s interesting to learn all about these things.

The Deep Roots of Alaskan Story Telling

No-one tells a story quite like the people of Alaska. Native Alaskan storytelling has been around for many years and will continue to be passed down throughout the years ahead. All myths come in the form of stories and someone recounts the story to their children and its all presented through careful speech and singing at times, acting out some things may also be required. It can surround heritage and hugely centers on animals found within the Arctic Circle. These stories are truly important and it’s interesting to see where the stories lead.

The Keelut

The Keelut is thought to track travelers who set off in the middle of night, snatch them, never to be seen again. These are apparently an evil spirit and come in the form of a great big dog which has a black coat but doesn’t have any fur whatsoever, only on its feet. When tracks suddenly disappear it is said the Keelut is on the warpath looking for its next victim.

The Qalupalik

Have you ever heard of the Qalupalik? If you haven’t, it’s quite an interesting myth. Usually this is told to young children in hopes they will obey their rules and be good children. The myth centers on the creature Qalupalik and how she hums in order to get the children to visit the shores of the water. It is said when a child gets too close the creature will snap the child up and take them to live under the water never to return. see more from http://www.lauriowen.com/authors-of-alaskan-culture/

The Bushman of Alaska


Inuit’s and Tornits or Bushmen lived side to side with one another but when Inuit’s built kayaks and fished the Bushmen were unable to do so. When one bushman took an Inuit’s vessel and destroyed it, the Inuit took revenge by killing the bushman. The Bushmen fled but it’s said every so often hunters goes missing and it’s all down to the Bushmen of Alaska.

Embrace the Myths behind the People

There are truly some amazing stories and myths to come from the Alaskan people and they get even more interesting as new stories and myths take shape. You might not think too much about these and yet they can really hit home. It’s so strange because anything can happen out in the wilderness and even though you don’t think anything will happen, it does. Whether it’s Mother Nature or some dark force, its boggles the mind! You are going to love to find out about the various myths and stories from Alaska and the Alaskan people. Why not find out more?

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Animal Souls

We all love out pets. We love taking care of them and playing with them. However, when it comes to spiritual awareness, this is where it gets tricky. There are many who believe animals are just animals and that there is nothing deeper or within them. Many others disagree with this and believe animals have souls and are connected to humans on a higher level. So, do animals have souls and if so, does that make them even more human? read more on this link!

Souls and Beliefs

Do you believe your pet has a soul? Well, don’t be afraid to say what you really feel. If you think your animal has a soul say it because they might just have one. Everyone has a soul and whether you’re a believer of a faith or otherwise, most people honestly believe they have a soul. Animals too can have a soul. They can be closely linked to humans in a greater way.

Traditional and Old-Age Beliefs

Surprisingly throughout the world animals were given care and attention and not just today. For hundreds of years, animals were the most revered and coveted being in the world. The truth is that people whether they believe in The Lord or otherwise can often find animals are spiritual for them. There have been thousands of settlers and people dating back until the beginning of time as to how they worship animals. It’s strange because you honestly wouldn’t think people would worship a cat, dog or even a hamster and yet a lot of people were like that. People’s beliefs might change but people still care very much about their pet and animals in general. visit us at http://www.lauriowen.com/alaskan-myths-and-stories/

Should You Make Special Arrangements For Your Pet For The Afterlife?


To be honest, if an animal passes away, it’s necessary to do what you can to dispose of him or her in a respectful manner. It doesn’t matter if you honestly think they have a soul or otherwise, it’s important to bury the animal or indeed cremate it. That way the animal gets a proper send-off and you can release the soul. Also, it can be a great way to ensure you say goodbye in a proper and effective manner. This really is important no matter what type of pet you have or how you felt about them. Giving them a proper burial can be very important and it doesn’t have to be too costly either.

Love Your Pets

Who doesn’t love their pet? When you have an animal at home and take good care of them, they can be your world. There are dog owners who class their little dogs as their children and it’s all because of how much care and attention they do need. It’s the same with cats and many other animals; they all need looking after and it’s wise to take your time to do so. Animals have a soul and you need to nurture it so that it can leave the animal when they pass on. Love your pets and keep them safe.

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