Alaska is one of most beautiful hotspots within the world and there are very few places similar to it. Alaska is a state of the US and it’s very harsh as well as beautiful. You have amazing landscape, long summers and short winter days and there is the vast wilderness beyond. However, Alaska has long since been a place with struggles such as parties petitioning for independence and it’s hard to see any negatives of this area. Alaska has been greatly loved over the years and the culture here is truly amazing. Many have written about Alaska and the Alaskan culture that surrounds the territories too. Why not read on to find out a few authors and books of Alaskan culture and Alaska based books? You might find an interesting new read.

John Muir’s Travels in Alaska

The author offers a fantastic travel log of Alaska at the time and how it was once just all wilderness throughout. The author does capture such a wonderful sense of what the State was like back then and transforms it into a modern and very interesting piece of literature. Anyone who loves to read about Alaska will love this and it’s truly one to enjoy also.

Corey Ford’s Where the Sea Breaks It’s Back

Alaska was once a Russian colony and Corey’s Ford really provides a great insight into this time period and the culture that surrounded it. Learning all about the Russian expedition from 1741-42 is very insightful and really opens your eyes to a time period where it’s very much unknown. Ford really tells a story that shows what the world was like at that time and how the Alaskan wilderness was forever affected by this time. read the news from

John McPhee’s coming Into the Country


The 20th century is coming to an end and Alaska is facing a wealth of possibilities. It explores what happens to the State and what may happen and it’s an interesting read. John McPhee really does offer a great narrative for this book and the author helps to showcase the best of Alaska and it’s really an interesting insight into the State. It also looks into the political side of things which is great.

Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild

This is one of the biggest authors right now and Into the Wild is one amazing book and it centers on the Alaskan wilderness. It’s quite an interesting book and one that really focuses on the State as a whole and also looks at the various hardships of Alaska. The book looks at the Alaskan culture in a new light. Jon Krakauer really does offer such a wonderful insight into this amazing State.

So Much Unknown

Reading all about Alaska and the Alaskan culture is fantastic because it has changed as the years have rolled by. In the background the beautiful wilderness of the Alaskan backdrop and that is one thing that has stayed constant. It really is a great factor and reading all about the State is amazing. You can learn what Alaska was like as well as the various cultures that have surrounded it.