Do you have a camping trip for your family on your bucket list? Whether you’re a seriously experienced camper and have visions of hiking into the untouched wilderness with your supplies strapped to your back or are a novice camper ready to sign up for an RV rental, camping vacations can be great fun for the entire family. Follow these recommendations from the travel experts and camping aficionados to ensure your camping trip is a huge success and filled with family memories to last a lifetime.

Camping is all about getting in touch with nature and escaping the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life. It’s a time to unwind and reconnect with family members and try your hand at rock skipping and campfire building. The ages of your children and the experience level your family has at camping will really dictate the variety of activities you can undertake on a camping trip. Are your plans to hook an RV up to a power source at camp ground or are you prepared to pitch a tent?

Regardless of the type of camping you chose, plan to begin your packing process at least one week prior to departure. Begin to make lists of items needed. Mentally go through the steps of your day to determine cooking, dining and entertainment and sleeping items that need to be assembled prior to departure. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the pajama options suitable for camping from the huge variety available from Victoria’s Secret. Depending on the length of your trip, many food items can be purchased and packed for the duration of the trip. Consider heading to your local camping store for a selection of ready to eat meals that simply need warming up but are packaged to make transport simple. Space is typically at a premium on camping trips and should be considered throughout the packing process. Where age appropriate, engage your children in the packing of needed items. Entertainment for the children can be found by exploring the woods and the beauty of mother nature. Discourage the use of electronics on family camping trips. Bring a solar charger for your smartphone and plan to take plenty of photos to enjoy for years to come. Have a grand time on your family camping trip!